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Dominique & Pierre Godard


We have managed our company since 2004, and have distributed our roles based on our skills.
Pierre is in charge of finances and development. His scientific and rational mind make him a responsible entrepreneur respectful of the durability of the company, which reassures the 170 people who work for it. Dominique handles the pedagogic and organisational aspect of the company. Her role: the organisation of the day care centres in compliance with the requirements of the pedagogy, the search for equipment, space optimisation … always for the wellbeing of the children and of adults.

« You may have all the skills, if you do not have the attitude, you will not succeed. » – Maria Montessori

Guillaume Godard


Guillaume is the innovative spirit of the company: indeed thanks to his knowledge and Cartesian mind, he is in charge of the administrative management policy of the company as well as of continuous improvement through the quality management system. As quality manager and designated worker, he handles the various company management processes, which makes him the legitimate successor.

« La connaissance s’acquiert par l’expérience, tout le reste n’est que de l’information. » – Albert Einstein

Anne-Sophie Bernasse


Anne-Sophie, who is dynamic and cheerful, runs the human ressources with a firm hand in a velvet glove. She is firm yet has the human touch and is understanding, making her a remarkable figure within the company. She is deeply honest, and settles all issues with integrity and acts quickly. She is the staff member whose voice everyone, including the parents and employees, is happy to hear over the phone.

« Happiness is not at the top of the mountain, but in how to climb. » – Confusius

Corinne Chrétien


Corinne, who is a nursery school teacher by training, is an unconditional devotee of the Montessori educational approach. Having herself been a teacher, her accuracy and her concern for detail make her a rigorous trainer yet she also listens to the difficulties staff have out in the field. Her sense of observation and her softly-softly approach to educational matters make her a benchmark for the educational teams.

« The children of today are the adults of tomorrow. » – Maria Montessori

Delphine Ehrhardt


Delphine holds a Master’s 2 degree in Psychology and provides precious parental support for all of our parents. She is always reassuring, and knows how to alert a family in the event of a problem. For the educational teams, she also constitutes a support when passing from one group to the next and when children enter and leave the facility. In her role as a trainer regarding child knowledge, she organises essential practical studies that are appreciated by all of the educational staff.

« The stars are lit up so that everyone may one day find their own one. » – Antoine de St Exupéry

Sébastien Matz


Sébastien, who is a serious man, likes to please by preparing nice child-sized dishes. He is always concerned about the taste and the appetites of the children, observes and noting what they like and what they don’t like. Working in collaboration with our paediatric nurse, Sébastien is responsible for the dietary balance of the meals, both in terms of the quality and quantity. He is also responsible for all of the kitchens, a role that he carries out whilst showing respect and adopting a humane approach.

« Of all the passions, the only one that seems respectable to me is the passion for food ! » – Guy de Maupassant

Sandra Jardim


Bolstered with extensive experience and training in the hotel sector, along with her technical teams, Sandra organises things with a good-humoured attitude and a professional, serious approach. She organises the cleaning plans, and guarantees the premises’ hygiene, both in terms of work techniques and the products used. She also controls the laundry in order to guarantee cleanliness and freshness, always with the objective of ensuring a uniform level of quality both for children and adults

« When a thousand people take to the road, you need one person to lead the way. » – Chinese proverb

Antonio Cappelletti


Project manager and in charge of the property and car fleet maintenance, Antonio is in charge of the proper operation of the technical department. He is also a designated worker within our day care centres, and people and building safety is his responsibility. With his skills and experience, every problem has a solution!

« What costs the most in an organisation are errors. » – – Ken Follett

Sergio Alves-Fernandes


His reserved nature, his kindness and his linguistic abilities make Sergio a prized secretary. He is respectful, and is always open to dialogue with parents, explaining to them, reassuring them, informing them, and so on. His human touch guarantees harmonious communication with our public, who are at times stressed by their frantic professional lives.

« Do not try to be useful. Try to be yourself: That is enough and it makes all the difference. » – Paulo Coelho

Elsa Marie


Holder of a master’s 2 degree in sciences of Information Systems and communication, Elsa is an enthusiastic and creative employee. She is in charge of the communication of L’Enfant Roi’s day care centres, and Elsa is a true Swiss knife who gets passionately involved in the creation of the official documents of the company and in the manager of its brand image outside.

«There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew. » – Marshall McLuhan