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Groupe Montessori Luxembourg


Our expertise

Administrative services

The design office, human resources, accounting, secretary’s office, communication and graphic workshop are all services that play an essential role in the development of our institutions, and guarantee the well-being of our children and our colleagues.
Their active collaboration guarantees the efficiency of our entities on a daily basis by the provision of effective and responsive assistance.


Our catering service allows our group to centralise the production of meals for all our establishments. Our team, spearheaded by the chef Sébastien Matz, has a production capacity of 1,000 meals per service (8 hours).
Our promise: authentic flavours obtained through steam cooking, the preparation of broths and home-made sauce bases, a guarantee that desserts will not contain any added sugar, … In addition, we place an emphasis on controlled and responsible purchasing practices in order to guarantee the quality of local and organic products insofar as possible.

Laundry service

Our laundry service enables us to centralise the laundry management of our establishments with a view to increasing the efficiency of resource management and, in particular, to guaranteeing excellence in the hygienic washing operations for the various laundry items.
Equipped with an industrial washing machine and dryer, the laundry supervisors make sure that dirty laundry is effectively cleaned every day and redistribute it to establishments to meet their daily needs.
See also: a space dedicated to stitching for the purpose of making costumes and accessories.

Technical Service

This service consists of a number of talented individuals who operate predominantly in the building and technical maintenance sector. This service comprises electricians, plumbers, painters and labourers.
It is also thanks to their skills that our projects see the light of day, as the members of this service are largely involved in the installation works of our new establishments.