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Your career with GML

The educational method that we have chosen for working with children also applies in the management of our employees: the precepts of the Montessori educational method should be found in the in the daily life of the nursery school both for the children and the supervising adults


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Freedom and autonomy, two cornerstones of our philosophy

Whatever your age and your professional experience, you can show in your job creativity, organisational skills and responsiveness according to the situations with which you are faced.

You are not alone: thanks to our multidisciplinary teams, you are overseen by professionals experienced in the areas of early childhood development: the Montessori educational approach, psychology, health, hygiene, arts, psychomotor skills, etc.

A calm working environment

“Grace and politeness” is another key Montessori principle.

Respect, great politeness and discipline are the qualities that Maria Montessori wished to activate among children and which we wish to maintain with our teams.

A caring attitude in day-to-day work helps develop people’s motivation.

A space for dialogue

The director’s office is always open whatever question or problem may arise.
Several types of meetings are organised: institutional meetings, organisational meetings, debriefing meetings following an observation, etc. All these meetings are moments for dialogue between professionals and contribute to the good atmosphere within the structure.

Professional training

Our educational method requires know-how that is not or seldom included in your school programme. We wish therefore to fill this void in order to perfect your work with children.
It is within the Montessori Association Luxembourg (AML) that such courses are given by the association’s instructors.
The courses last 12 months and teach the theory and application of the educational method.
They end with an examination allowing you to obtain a 1st cycle certificate in the Montessori educational method.

Other courses are also offered by the AML :

  • In psychology, which will allow you not to feel helpless, for instance, in the face of certain reactions of children.
  • – In art, reading and storytelling.
  • In psychomotricity and sport.

The courses will both perfect your knowledge and offer a place for sharing experience whilst boosting your creativity.

These courses are entirely financed by the enterprise and organised during your work time, which is a major social advantage and very practical for your career.

Internal promotion

The supervisory teaching staff is systematically chosen from among our teaching teams. You can therefore apply for any of these positions.

the company in a few figures

A dynamic and enduring enterprise, we have existed for more than 14 years and our group now has 240 employees. Currently, our significant growth is leading us to recruit staff (men and women) prepared to invest in the motivating work of providing early childhood services.


Come and join us in this wonderful adventure!

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