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GML, Groupement Montessori Luxembourg, is a consortium that numbers various players in the world of Montessori Education in Luxembourg. In addition to the respective TASKS of its 3 members, GML centralises administrative and financial departments as well as general departments such as logistics, institutional catering, health, safety and hygiene.

GML is also a design and development department specialised in the elaboration of child reception facilities and maternal and primary school.

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Overall compliance score: 92.79%

On 24th July 2018, the Ministry of Health carried out a basic hygiene inspection (V2 2015) of the GML (Groupement Montessori Luxembourg or Luxembourg Montessori Group) production and processing centre, with specific attention paid to food safety.

The excellent score awarded as part of this inspection pays tribute to the safety procedures applied on a daily basis. Furthermore, regular inspections of our production and processing centre are carried out by an independent body (the Signa Groupe) ensuring full transparency.


L’Enfant Roi in cloche d’Or

since May 20, 2019

The “Helios” creche is the second childcare centre to open in the ultra-dynamic neighbourhood of La Cloche d’Or. Located in the heart of the Helios building, a building with a surface area of 68,000 m2, the centre offers ease of access for parents working both within the site and in the surrounding area. The area is particularly well served by transport links, including the bus and the tram networks. What’s more, a large, private underground parking area will allow you to access the centre securely, out of the reach of any adverse weather. Aside from our childcare centre, the Helios building houses amenities including a restaurant, a concierge service and a fitness suite, with the goal being to make daily life easier for workers.

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