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Groupe Montessori Luxembourg

Groupement Montessori Luxembourg

Education is a weapon of peace.

A propos

GML, Groupement Montessori Luxembourg, is a consortium that numbers various players in the world of Montessori Education in Luxembourg. In addition to the respective TASKS of its 3 members, GML centralises administrative and financial departments as well as general departments such as logistics, institutional catering, health, safety and hygiene.

GML is also a design and development department specialised in the elaboration of child reception facilities and maternal and primary school.

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Located at the entrance of the Capellen Business Park, our central kitchen which will serve all the establishments L’Enfant Roi and the school Maria Montessori is installed on the ground floor of a hight standing building, specifically arranged for the production of quality meals where organic and local are the masters words.

new creche in capellen

opening summer 2017

Taking place at the entrance of Capellen Buisness Park, our crèche offers an attractive geographic location for corss-border workers and it is located at only 15 minutes of Luxembourg city center. This crèche is compound of two nidos as well as one Child society, the whole of is installed over a downstair level within an high standing building. Adjoining this very modern building, a large garden offers children a spacious and luminous area of relaxness. Futhermore, this yard is fully equiped with many qualitative and gross motor activities materials.

« See things in the present, even if they are in the future. »
Larry Ellison
« What is missing is not time, its patience. »
Maria Montessori