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Groupe Montessori Luxembourg

Groupement Montessori Luxembourg

Education is a weapon of peace.

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GML, Groupement Montessori Luxembourg, is a consortium that numbers various players in the world of Montessori Education in Luxembourg. In addition to the respective TASKS of its 3 members, GML centralises administrative and financial departments as well as general departments such as logistics, institutional catering, health, safety and hygiene.

GML is also a design and development department specialised in the elaboration of child reception facilities and maternal and primary school.

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made in luxembourg

Located at the entrance to the Parc d’Activités Capellen, our production and processing centre, which supplies meals and provides a laundry service to all L’Enfant Roi and Maria Montessori establishments, has received the “Made in Luxembourg” label on the strength of its know-how.

In a globalised world, information about the origin of a product or a service offer is decisive in terms of consumer choice. This label allows us to display the origin of our know-how. We are therefore able to guarantee that our services and most of the products used at our establishments are “made in Luxembourg”


L’Enfant Roi at Cloche d’Or

since April 16, 2018

Ideally located and easily accessible, the foremost creche situated at the heart of the Cloche d’Or neighbourhood is comprised of 3 Nidos, two Children’s Communities and a Children’s House. The creche will accommodate 99 children in a single-storey building of 980 m², on the ground floor of the Dyapason building, located at 4 rue Robert Stumper

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Maria Montessori